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May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
malaysia flight and a stray seventy which vanished with them two hundred and thirty nine people aboard seven weeks ago the disc offers the malaysian acting transport minister in the joint agency coronation center chief has been held in kuala lumpur on the search for the missing flight. it follows the release of preliminary reports on the plane's disappearance the minister also say that he's confident the search is on the right track while the joint agency coronation synergy said that the search will take anywhere from eight to a year eight months to a year. they also said that they will hold a trilateral meeting with china on monday where they will talk about search efforts at the backstage. i was reviewing a number. and then you yet how i died on the next room. discussion with china. in which case you'd call that. forge forward. with regard to the department of the fifth and dismembered the family and he acts. technical advice. they come from all over the world. we'll be around. no doubt. you can bet that the dishes. all the world. what a cucumber for today's meeting. there's s
Apr 30, 2014 5:30am PDT
surge area. the company says it has passed all the information can malaysia airlines and the malaysian and chinese embassies in australia in march the thirty first and to the dccc people book the australian research team said he was relying on information from satellites and other data to determine the missing application of the location in the euro the report was not within the search. in britain the deadline for the licensing of her peers chinese medicines has passed with no agreement between chinese doctors and the british government britain's association of chinese medicine says the new rules will force hundreds of chinese clinics to close which of the stick as well the shelling of producing traditional chinese medicine is a frightening and age in history from today. it will be illegal in britain for chinese doctors to prescribe these preparations. the next test it out and do licensed han yu has been a doctor and traditional chinese medicine for thirty years and not japan korea in britain. she says the active compared to make it impossible to tackle all chinese medicines
Apr 29, 2014 5:30am PDT
purpose. and closed in two months is malaysia airlines flight and each priest of the dice with two hundred thirty nine people onboard a march eight. australian prime minister tony abbott has said the hunt for the missing flight has entered a new face he said the search operation would now focus on an increased area under water what we are doing. he is looking to intensify underwater search involving different technology. in particular using specialized sites get insider equipment tucked behind ships to scan the sleep is for evidence of a corrupt breakage. we are very grateful for the contribution that we've had from china and from other countries as well and i'm the chinese people's liberation army air force and the ships of. the charlie's ninety and other maritime licensees that they now vital and valuable partners and every step of the water and abbott said the new face of the search may take six to eight months of weather conditions permit private equipment to scan the seed that is expected to be deployed within weeks and see the trend of anti wind will continue on its underwate
Apr 28, 2014 5:30am PDT
malaysia airlines jet will be expanded to include the massive swath of the ocean floor then they take up to eight months to research. we are losing strong the current size. two i fridays which is focused on searching the irish and four about a much larger area. if everything goes so perfectly i was trying to be doing well if we do it nine months but then you have issues potential issues was whether the potential issues with the palms the usability of the equipment. witness what's happened with that blue thing and then a number of teething problems with it we still baffled and disappointed that we haven't been idle to find on to say break each time. by so nice to take sianz and this is one of the races while we are continuing to deploy the blues in twenty one sub noticeable. it's a time as ambassador to australia mind how she held a joint press conference with angus houston st artists such as have found no traces of the missing aircraft boss he vowed to continue searching as each but expressed confidence that debris from the plane will be eventually found skills they indicated that chi
Apr 27, 2014 5:30am PDT
malaysia jetliner that went missing last month. the group in twenty one has been creating three dimensional so drawn map of the ocean pool for more than two weeks meal for singles consistent with the airplanes black boxes were heard on people be the search area has a ten kilometer radius and i's one point five km deep on the west australian coast. so was expected to complete the focus on the water storage area and continue examining areas adjacent to the soul of spends four hours traveling to and from the cba and sixteen hours searching the old temple. it takes another four hours to download data from each search. australian defence minister david johnston said the next phase was likely to deploy more helpful sites can still park with the bank and delve deeper than the bluefin twenty one. us president barack obama in malaysia's prime minister najib razak from the prize following a meeting in kuala lumpur. the two leaders praise achievement in us malaysia ties saying that they look for to closer ties in the future. promise to not have said he discussed territorial tensions in the
Apr 26, 2014 5:30am PDT
to dice with the search for the missing malaysia on a light breeze seventy and it's been fifty days since the plane vanished with two hundred and thirty nine passengers on board the search continues in the southern indian ocean where a series of paintings led investigators to believe the across black boxes might be resting on the ocean floor this tribunal's on a site like military aircraft and eleven ships to be deployed in today's mission. the arm and submarine the brief and twenty one and has recovered from a software issue that is not conducting its fourteenth dalai vehicle has said it was ninety five percent of the water cools ireland side of us has found no traces of the missing plane. what are the site even if the context of interest are made in the coming days. the booth and twenty one will continue to examine the adjacent areas to target said so. glacier is expected to release a preliminary investigation report on the plane's disappearance to the next week. today eleven of the search and rescue mission for the south korean thirty this a wall which capsized off south korea's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6